Evolution Hockey Training, Inc is Northern NJ’s premier hockey training facility dedicated to offering a comprehensive learning approach to hockey skills development.

Featured Equipment

  • EVO-Training Ice Rink

    Built of NHL boards, our custom made natural ice training rink is available all year round. We hold small group classes for all ages and all levels of hockey in the rink, as well as goalie classes. click to read more

  • Woodway Skating Treadmill

    Come to the only facility in the Northern NJ area with the Blade skating treadmill by Woodway! We even enhanced your experience on the treadmill by building a customized artificial ice platform around the treadmill that spans 20 ft in front of the treadmill so that you can stick handle and shoot into a goal while on the treadmill. Perfect all the fundamentals of skating here, especially when you use our Dartfish video analysis during your session. click to read more

  • DARTFISH video analysis software with StroMotion technique

    Train like the Olympic medalists at Evolution Hockey by incorporating our Dartfish video analysis technology into your training session. With Dartfish, you get instant visual feedback on your form, positioning, and technique, thereby allowing you to correct it quicker and make your training more efficient. click to read more

  • Matrix Functional Trainer

    Take form, function, and fitness to entirely new levels on our Matrix Functional Trainer!  Strengthen all types of body movements used in many sports, including hockey with this machine.  With over 200 exercises to choose from, you'll always have something to work on. click to read more